Web3.0: The Thrilling Emergence of Reliable Internet

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Web 3.0, also known as the “Read, write and execute” web according to various internet experts, has emerged as one of the most advanced technologies in this current era. As the name suggests, it is an upgraded and evolved version of Web 2.0. Recently, it has captured the attention of many people, inducing interest and hype amidst the public with many developers eyeing to expand their knowledge and experience in this field. A lot of businesses have developed and have prospered using this fascinating technology. This read is all about this technology, its improvements when compared to its progenitor, and the impact it has created in the present world.

A Look Into Web 3.0 Features

Internet experts say that the Web 3.0 interaction will further make people’s lives easier from the online perspective. This tech can make processes more automatic and quicker as the search engines give users exactly the information that they need, with the help of an important feature, which is known as Artificial Intelligence. Every technology in this world is moving to the side of automation using AI. Web 3.0 and AI go hand to hand and this duo is currently creating a revolution in the 21st century .

Easier Processes due to Automation

A lot of people are satisfied with the web that they are known to be using. Web 3.0 will be cooler than that, providing a lot more features that couldn’t be thought off. An example will add more clarity to the above statement. In Web 2.0, the search engines predict the behavior of the user by the various requests asked by them based on the input they feed to the machine. This usually helps the search engines to search for the keywords and to give a result that is as accurate as possible.

This method comes with a drawback. The common characteristic of these search engines is that they consider the popularity of the keyword. In due process, they forget to consider the context of the need and at times fail to satisfy the needs of the user. For example, when a user types “World Cup” without referring to a particular sport, the search engine might show the Football World Cup instead of the Cricket World Cup, with an assumption that Football was much more popular at the time of the request asked by the user.

Why Web 3.0 is Better?

Web 3.0 has made a major breakthrough by overcoming this drawback. Artificial intelligence provides a promising solution to this problem, assisting in providing better and more precise information to the user with minimal search. The feature of AI will help in establishing the context of the user by understanding their requests relevant to the past and based on those results, it will provide extremely precise information to the respective users. This is one of the major upgrades that can be observed in Web 3.0 in comparison to Web 2.0.

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Refined Search Results due to AI

One of the main purposes of Web 3.0 is to refine the website browsers and to improve the speed of results hence reducing the decision-making time. This purpose is extremely important in the modern-day internet as there are billions of web pages and many users waste their time by surfing through a lot of web pages and the results end up futile. Web 3.0 is designed in such a way that it makes the user’s time fruitful.

Is Privacy Threatened?

As discussed earlier, artificial intelligence makes decisions based on the user’s data history. So, an important question can arise at this moment. The user’s data is in the machine’s hand and the privacy of the user is at stake. But that is not the case here.

As we know Web 3.0 maintains a profile of the user to refine the search results, this profile only includes the history of keywords but not the location and web activity of that user. So, there is no threat to privacy. Moreover, this feature is extremely useful for users to receive ads and promotional details about the things they are interested in and can aid the user in getting the thing they require.

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Privacy is secure in Web 3.0

In the modern world, they are many instances where the user’s privacy violation occurs regularly where the information can get into the hands of the wrong people, who use that information for bad purposes. This is termed as scamming. So, in order to save our valuable time and also to protect our data, we can take the next step in evolving towards web 3.0 and keeping our data decentralized.

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