Coming back to the previous statement, according to light we are not moving, Let’s deeply discuss the Time Dilation and its theories.

Time Dilation:

Time Dilation is nothing but, as we move faster towards space, we move slower through time. According to light, we are still in the same position, because it is traveling at a high speed and we are travelling too slow almost negligible.

Let’s discuss one example, we all know the story of tortoise and rabbit, Rabbit runs very faster than the tortoise, according to the rabbit the tortoise moves very slowly or even does not move. For that, if a light sees us it leaves very faster than our blink of eyes.

Dilation of time in space
Dilation of time in space

Time Dilation in space:

In space, the same theory is also applied here, as fast as you travel through space, you move slower through the time. Today the world trending space topic is the James Webb Telescope, A telescope that captures five fantastic pictures of the Universe.

James Webb Telescope captured an image of a galaxy that looks billions of years ago. How it is possible? It is possible, that the light emitted, billion years ago, is captured by now. It is the very closer image captured during big bang of the universe.


Let me tell you an example, If you carry a very big telescope and went to 66 billion light years away from the earth, and places the telescope towards the earth.

If you see towards the earth, you will see the dinosaur from the earth, because the light emitted by our earth during the dinosaur period, is traveled billions of years ago, if you observed that light and process that, you will get the image of our earth, where our earth has dinosaurs.

Coming back to time dilation, time dilation makes many wonders. If we are possibly able to achieve this time dilation, i.e if you travel at the speed of light. You will move faster, while others were just frozen.

The problem with this time dilation is, that when you move faster towards space, your age will also be very slow, This was beautifully explained in the Interstellar movie by Christopher Nolan.

Illustration of time
Illustration of time

Facts about time:

I want to add some interesting facts about time, and space. The observable universe is 93 billion light years away from earth. So far no humans achieve traveled more than 1.3 light years. Before you read this blog the universe will expand by 5 billion meters away. As a sequence of the theory of relativity, Quantum mechanics, and coherence, we lost the absoluteness in describing events.


As a result of all these statements, time plays an important role in describing this universe. If time moves linearly we could sustain in this universe and live our part in the universe. What if time doesn’t move linearly? Because of this time, our whole universe is described. If it is not linear it will be the end of the universe. It will lead to many time loops and many paradoxes.

So If you had a time machine, traveling to the past is always a useless event. It will lead to a butterfly effect. You can’t travel to the past, because of these paradoxes. Want to know about paradoxes, I request you to wait till next week, I hope this waiting is worth.

Thank you, Happy reading

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