Time and light – The treasure’s of the universe

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Introduction :

    Today, Let’s see about time and its fascinating mysteries. If anyone says time what will strike in your mind, let me guess what time is now? right. But that’s not the only time. Some say time is the most valuable thing in the world, and some say time is nothing, it is created by us to work accordingly. But actually what is time. Let's start with the big bang theory. 

Big Bang Theory :

It is believed that the universe and time, that we are living, is created from the big bang of the universe. The Big bang theory is proposed by a great scientist Georges Lemaitre, who is the father of the big bang theory. He says that it is created from a big explosion of a tiny, dense, fireball. After that the time began to move. Nearly 13.8 billion years ago, big bang explosion occurs.

Big bang of the universe
Big Bang of the universe


 Time is considered the fourth dimension in our universe. The first dimension is considered as a single line and the second dimension is considered as a square and the third dimension is considered as a well. Now coming back to the fourth dimension, time can be considered as the fourth dimension. 

As time moves linearly, we are traveling in the present, if time doesn’t move linearly, our whole universe will get struck by a loop and light is also an important factor in our universe. Because of light only we can able to see the things and people all around us.  
Time in the view of the space
Time in the view of the space


Light can be considered as both wave and particle. If the light is considered as a particle, we used to say that as a photon. If the light is considered as a wave and depending upon the wavelength of the light, we used to say that as colors. Can you say how light is traveling?

Light is traveling at a speed of 3×10^8 meters per second, as we all know. But light does not only make us visible things. It makes even more wonder. Such as, light gives us a color and the combination of VIBGYOR gives us a pure white light, the galaxies around us, and their distance are calculated in light years. By the way, one light year is light that travels in a vacuum for one year.

Now, another fascinating thing came to my mind. Are we seeing what things are happening around us, in present?

Light particles travelling through the vacuum in space.
Light particles Travelling through the vacuum in space

Play of time around light:

  Actually in this world, what are we seeing, things happening around us or happened in past. Difficult to understand, Right? Ok, Let me tell you an example, we are seeing the sun in our day-to-day life. But we aren’t seeing the present position of the sun.

We are seeing the sun as it was before 8 minutes. Because the light emitted by the sun takes 8 minutes to reach the earth. So what things we are seeing aren’t actually happening, The things we are seeing is already happened in the past tense.  


I don’t want to give a conclusion, instead that I want to plant a seed, how we are moving according to light. According to light, we are not moving, this is due to time dilation!!. I’m eagerly waiting to explain the time dilation, in the next blog. 
Thanking you, Happy Reading….

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