We ended our previous blog on paradox. As I promise you there will be a lot in paradoxes and we will answer the world’s most difficult question. Let’s see more interesting information about time travel paradoxes.


  There isn’t a certain and exact definition for this paradox. Let us go with the example. The world’s toughest question is, which came first egg or the hen?  

Let us answer in time travel style, at the early stages of the world there isn’t a species named “Hen”. After sometimes suddenly a hen appears on a farm. This hen lay many eggs, and as time goes on. After a long period, a man founded a time machine for the first time and decided to travel to the very past to avoid the time loops. But he carried his pet hen with him. He lost his pet in the past itself and he traveled to the future, leaving the hen in the past. This hen will lay many eggs. This hen will bear once again in the future and time travel to the past. But can you say how the species formed? This is a paradox!

All Time Travel paradox explanation is given below

Bootstrap paradox:

      This is a type of paradox; we will continue with our example. A famous musician, Albert is sitting at a table. He is about to give a song to a company. But at that time, he has no idea of any song’s tune. He turned back and suddenly he found a pen drive from nowhere. He decided to search for what was inside the pen drive. While searching, he finds a music track and he uses that music for his song.

After ten years, he was provided with a time travel machine. Suddenly, something strikes his mind. He rushes and copied a music track in a pen drive. He went to the past and placed it on a table. Can you guess what happens there? Yes, he gave that pen drive to the past of himself. Everything is fine, until you rise a question, actually who composed that music track? But, in reality,  there is no such thing that exists. This is the “Bootstrap paradox”.

Connectivity in bootstrap paradox

Grandfather paradox:

      We will see what is grandfather paradox. Just imagine, you created a time machine and you went to the past to kill your grandfather. You killed your grandfather because your grandfather died your father can’t be born. Since your father isn’t born, you can’t be born. Since you haven’t been born, you can’t find the time machine and went to the past. So, your grandfather won’t be killed, so your father will be born, so you will also be born. So, invent the time machine and went to the past.  

This paradox is known as the grandfather paradox.

Illusion of Grandfather paradox
Illusion of a Grandfather paradox

Polchinski’s paradox:

     Let’s imagine, for the first time you are entering a warm hole. You don’t know anything about and you find entering into it is a waste of time, so you time traveled back to prevent yourself from entering into a warm hole. Do you think, it is possible? not. Since entering into that warm hole you came to know it is a waste of time and if you go into the warm hole, then only you will come past to stop yourself. This is known as Polchinski’s paradox.


Finally, I’m ready to give my conclusion. In conclusion for all four blogs, time travel to the past is a waste of time and impossible. A piece of advice, if you had time travel don’t waste your time by traveling to the past. You can travel to the future. As an enthusiast, I came to know all about this Time travel, Time loop, Time dilation, Butterfly effect, and Paradox. I hope you too experienced the same.  

Thank you! Happy reading!

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