The field of quantum information science seeks to engineer real-world devices that can store and process quantum states of information. They believed that computers operating according to such principles are capable of solving problems exponentially faster than existing computers, while quantum networks have provable security guarantees.

The same concept can be applied by making more precise sensors and measurement devices. Constructing such systems is a significant challenge because quantum effects are typically confined to the atomic scale. However, through careful engineering, several physical platforms have been identified for quantum computing, including superconducting circuits, laser-cooled atoms, ions, electron spins in semiconductors.

Already we saw the basic concepts of quantum technology and its fascinating applications of quantum technology in various fields. If you haven’t visited that page click the following link: . Today we are going to see about the new application of quantum technology.

Here we go, What do you know about messages? Nowadays, most of the important information is sent through messages. But you doubt if the message is conveyed correctly, without hacking or stealing the data and information? Definitely not, most of our data can be hacked or stolen by a third party easily. To prevent such types of cons, They have introduced new technology through which Messages are sent using quantum technology.

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What is Quantum secure messages?

As I told you already, The information, data, Chats, Instructions conveyed (like Message from our bank, that we have withdrawn 1000) can be hacked easily. To avoid such issues, quantum messages have been introduced. Basically, the message will be encrypted with a secure key, which is a long mixture of numbers and characters. In the 1980s researchers developed a theoretical way or method for generating secure keys with the help of quantum mechanics. Usually, the messages are sent using electromagnetic waves to travel, but in this type, messages are sent through quantum waves.

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Today’s achievements:

08.02.2022 that was a great day, The Indian space research organization (ISRO) has successfully demonstrated free-space quantum communication and sent messages over a range of 300 m. Also, they have developed a NAVIC receiver for reducing the time between transmitter and receiver. This demonstration included a live stream video conference using quantum key encrypted signals. which is the latest technology that is introduced in quantum technology.

Our world is developing towards securely encrypted information which is very difficult to hack and we can trust today’s technology without any doubt. Researchers at the university of science and technology in China researched these quantum keys and worked out in 2018 how to share your quantum keys secretly. It is a wonderful technology and in the future, it will be executed on a mass scale.

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Quantum Tunnel:

Quantum tunneling is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the wave function will propagate through the potential barrier. The wave function will disappear and reappear on the other side. Quantum tunneling occurs with a barrier thickness of 1-3nm or smaller than that. Some researchers said if the wave function transmits into the barrier and without reappearing on the other side, is called as tunneling effect.

This is not predicted by classical mechanics. It plays a crucial role in physical phenomena, like nuclear fusion. It is used in quantum computing, tunnel diode, and in scanning tunneling microscopes. Tunneling may be explained in terms of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in which quantum objects can be defined as a wave or particle. It can be one of the mechanisms of proton decay.


It is mainly used in the implications of the functioning of nanotechnology. Tunneling is a fundamental technique that is used to program the floating gate of memory. It is also used in the cold emission, Tunnel junction, quantum-dot cellular automation, tunnel diode, tunnel field-effect transistors, nuclear fusion, radioactive decay, astrochemistry in interstellar clouds, quantum biology, quantum conductivity, scanning tunneling microscope, kinetic isotope effect are some of the important applications of quantum tunneling in the following fields.

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