Today, Let’s discuss about the James Webb telescope’s first image set. James Webb telescope was designed to explore the deep part of the space and analyse the universe. The main aim of the telescope is to understand the universe’s early stage (beginning) of the big bang (i.e How the universe looks like after the big bang explosion). Fortunately, In this first set of images we were successfully able to capture a galaxy and it’s looks.


The first set of images explains more about the space. Nasa released four images which creates a trend in all the social media’s. They totally released four images, in which each picture has its own significance.

Image of varies galaxies and stars

The above image contains a millions of galaxies and stars. These galaxy are closer to milky way galaxy. The galaxies which are very small are very far from our galaxy, compared to the closest one. Here the big doubt is, All these informations are good, but we are not aware of which part of the universe is been captured. Actually this is too small part of the universe. Here I want to quote this, If you pick just one particle of sand and extend it to one arm distance and compare it with sky, it is comparatively nothing right?, that is the area covered by this photo!!.


The first image from James Webb telescope

Here it is! The first picture from the James Webb telescope. This picture shows the space covered with a fuming gas. Don’t stare at carina nebula and it’s glory. The brown portion of the image is made up of dust and gas.


Ring planetary nebula

This is the other picture from the James Webb telescope, This is the ring like planetary named as ring planetary nebula ( aka NGC3132). This bright star is dying – expelling gas and the twin of the star is locked in the orbit the brightest star. This southern ring nebula is called as Planetary nebula. The brown colored layer are the gaseous layers, will dissipate into surrounding space.


Combination of five galaxies

This is the image of five galaxies. The galaxy in the left is actually closer to the picture. Other’s are pretty far according to the picture. This is the largest picture out of the four. The size of the picture is 1/5th diameter of the moon. This picture contains more than 1500 image files, contains more than 150 million pixels.


The James Webb Telescope is also called as a time traveling machine. Yes, you read right! This Telescope is a time traveling machine. Before you read, you must understand how it works. The sun you are seeing now is actually not the current position and the image of the sun, you are seeing the sun how it is before 8 minutes, Because the light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach our eyes. Like that, during the early stages of the big bang theory a planet or a galaxy emits a light, which is captured now by the James Webb Telescope. The light emits by the galaxy is 13 billion years old, which is nearer to big bang explosion.


In the vast universe, we found a of valuable information. The information we get through this image is just a drop from a mighty ocean. In that drop, we get a n number of galaxies. Now the question arises, “Are we alone?”. In this vast universe, we found n number of galaxies, also we aren’t sure about any of the information about the individual galaxies. So if you are saying “We are alone”, you are saying that you are alone in the world by just hiding in the room.

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