Forbidden secrets about time travel – Time loop and Butterfly effect

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In the previous blog, we discussed on, is time travel possible? Absolutely yes. Nowadays everyone is aware of that what is time travel. But did you know the side effects and other factors affecting time travel? Well, today let’s discuss time travel’s side effects.

Side effects of time travel:

Some of the side effects of time travel are listed below.
  • Time loops.
  • Butterfly effect.
  • Paradoxes.

What is a Time loop?

I wanna explain this with some examples. Just imagine: Your best friend died in a car accident. A car came very fast and threw him away, who wears a black shirt. Now, you got a time machine and you miss him so much. So, you decided to save him from the car accident. The accident time was 8.00 PM, and you traveled to 7.30 PM. But the accident occurs far away from you. You took a car rental and drove very fastly to save him. Suddenly, you hit a man by driving very fastly, who is your friend and you are wearing a black shirt. Interesting, right?

  A Time loop is nothing but, an event that cannot happen even if you are having a time machine. It is quite difficult to understand. Let me tell you another example, I’m gonna take an example from a web series, which is still difficult to understand for some people “DARK”. In that series, one boy named john loves a girl. One fine day her brother disappeared into the wood and vanishes into mystery. That, the boy travels to the past and is stuck in the past.
Time travel concept
In the past, the boy married a girl and had a child. That child was after named john and he loves a girl, again her brother disappeared in the woods. Can you understand? That person john was not a real person. He is just formed due to a time loop. In the actual real world, he doesn’t exist.

Butterfly effect:

The Butterfly effect is nothing but, A small change that has happened while you time travel to the past, so massive changes will occur in the future due to that. Let's see an example, how many of you know about the back to the future movie? It is quite popular, I guess. In that movie, at starting the hero’s father was very afraid and fear of his friends. So our hero always got bullied. So he decided to time travel to the past with a help of a scientist. He traveled to the past and helped his father to fight against his friends. As a result, the whole concept changed. His dad’s friend was now a beggar, due to that. So, if you went to the past and changed a small thing, it will lead to becoming a large impact on your life. So think wisely and do things if you had a time machine.


I'm also wishing to don’t wanna end here. But, there is a lot in the paradoxes to convey. Paradoxes their types, and all fun facts. Also, we will answer to world's toughest question. Which came first, egg or hen? Let’s see you all in the next blog.
Thank you! Happy reading!
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