Cross-Species Genetics, we might hear this term in some science fiction movies or fantasy movies. But this will raise a question in everyone’s brain, is this possible? Well, the answer might be Yes. Nowadays science has grown explicitly, to compensate the day-to-day life problems, and mathematics, it becomes the only solution for all these problems.


We all know what is hybridization. It is a mixture of the DNA particle of two or more species in specific species known as hybridization. For example, if we are hybrid, some animals may be able to recreate a new species. But why we are not doing that? What are the disadvantages of cross-species breeding?

Cross-species genetical animal of lion, Tiger, and leopard
Cross species animal breed

In the creation of new species, we may lead to the extinction of that animal by breeding more animals like this. Also, we can only produce weak species. Even though the strength of the species increases, the weakness of the species will also increase. As a result of cross-species breeding, we may lose the originality of the species, we began to create some new weak species, if we repeat this, there is a possibility of extinction of that species.


Cross-Species Genetics and Cross-Species Breeding, is both are the same? Not. The cross-species breeding is creating a new species with the use of the old species. But In cross-species genetics, one species is set as the target and another species’s DNA is taken. This DNA is treated and injected into the vector of the targeted species, to enhance the ability of the species.

Cross-species of a human and a pig
Cross-species genetic of pig and a human

Even In some movies, we may be able to see the use of this cross-species genetics.


Well, a perfect example of this cross-species genetics is “The Amazing Spider-Man“. Don’t think of this as compared with just a science-fiction. Even though it is a science-fiction movie, the topic of cross-species genetics was explained beautifully. In that movie, Peter was able to fix a Hamster’s leg by using the treated DNA of a reptile. But it is quite insane that the hamster turns into a monster. Also, he got bitten by a spider and was given the strength of the spider, which was later used for him to into a great hero.

Now, you will ask me, that spider man can be created in our world?. Well, my answer is maybe.

Using the current technology, it is impossible to create a spider-man, in that movie, they mentioned the spider is radioactive. In our world, if a radioactive spider bites a man, the man will die of radiation. Because the human body is not designed to tackle that much radiation. The answer which told “Maybe” is only for future technology.


In a conclusion, Cross-Species Genetics and Cross Species Breeding is a new world, in that we may be able to create any species that comes to our imagination. Scientists are trying their most effort to create species without weakness. I hope the government should also support enormously by allocating more funds. Well, I tried my best of conveying this in a well and good manner. Also, I’m not an expert in this domain.

My last question…

If you want to create a species, what it would be? (Use your imagination)

Comment your answer below. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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